From Dark to Light

Hi everyone! Sorry I’m a bit late on this one. Today, I have something interesting. For school, I was assigned to write a poem in the form that Dante wrote his Inferno. It’s 10-11 syllables each line, and the first two lines of each stanza have a rhyming pattern of: ABA, BCB, CDC, and so on. Here is what I wrote. Enjoy!


From Dark to Light


I could feel the darkness rise all around me,

I could not see through the dark; I was drowning.

I needed some light. I needed a match.


I patted around in my pockets urgently,

I pulled out a box of matches, rejoicing.

Still unable to see I fumbled with one.


I struck it against the box, but it cracked.

My heart beat as I felt panic arising.

I struck another one, but it too snapped.


I was failing to provide light I lacked.

I dropped the second to last match; my hope bashed.

I would be dead forever in darkness.


Suddenly, to which my eyes it did attract,

A very faint light which flickered and flashed.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and jumped.


“Do not be afraid,” a strong Voice said to me.

“I need light,” I looked down at the matches I trashed.

“But I can’t get it,” I wailed with much grief.


Said the Voice: “Only I can set you free.”

I fell to my knees. “I will do anything!”

“Then give me your final match,” said the Voice.


I clung to my last match; doubt arose in me.

Will I really give him my everything?

I want to be free. I stood up, match in hand.


The hand from my shoulder took my last match.

Then suddenly, I felt the darkness fleeing!

Light blazed all around me and I laughed for joy.


I beheld a man upon whom I did latch.

“Thank you,” I cried. “I shall be yours forever.”

I was saved. I lived in light. Joy was fulfilled.

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